Take Action

Any person or civil society organization can contribute to Fushat ‘Amal. If you are related to a missing person or if you know a missing person, you can create a page specifically dedicated to him/her.

You can also participate in other ways:

For decades, families of missing persons have suffered from a feeling of isolation, from a sense that they were fighting a lonely cause. You can help by letting your community know about their struggle and showing solidarity in commemorating with them the missing and supporting their right to know the fate of their beloved ones.

You can help by:

Organizing presentations about Fushat 'Amal and/or other activities that give a humane sense of what this issue is about (for example, setting up exhibitions, film screening, discussions, etc.) in schools, universities, town communities, etc.

If you are interested in doing this, feel free to get in touch and we will provide you with any material that can help - stories, photos, films, documentation, testimonies and speakers. With the families’ prior consent, ofcourse.  Contact Us

Not all relatives of the missing are able to go online and share the stories of their loved ones. If you know such family members, you can help by letting them know about Fushat ‘Amal, and collecting their stories to share them online.

You can also contribute even if you do not know a family member: just let us know and we will help you get in touch with family members who live in your region and are willing to be interviewed. Contact Us


We need your support to add pressure on the Lebanese authorities to establish an independent commission in charge of investigating and clarifying the fate of the missing.

Sign the petition

You may have information that could contribute to clarifying the fate of missing persons:

With time, critical information that can help clarify the fate of a missing person is being lost as witnesses and relatives are getting older or becoming harder to find. Potential sites of mass graves are being turned into construction sites, with the irreversible loss of precious evidence.

It is crucial to gather and preserve information that is related to the sites of potential individual and mass graves across Lebanon. Such information can help locate graves and identify remains found, even after decades have passed.

ACT for the Disappeared has been collecting information to this specific end, information that can help locate potential mass graves and develop hypotheses about the identity of victims.

If you have any information related to the case of a missing person (place of kidnapping, of detention, of killing, of burial, etc.) or about potential individual or mass graves, please Contact Us

The information collected shall remain confidential and within the sole possession of Act for the Disappeared. It will be shared for the sole purpose of protecting sites of graves and finding the remains of people missing, and only within mechanisms or processes that adhere to international standards.