Commemorative events

Fushat ‘Amal supports the families of the missing in organizing commemorative events in their towns and regions to honor and remember their loved ones. These events help to express public recognition and solidarity with the relatives of the missing, helping thereby lessen their emotional isolation.

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Communication campaigns ensure that the project is made known to relatives of the missing in Lebanon and abroad (reaching out to the diaspora), with the aim of engaging more citizens and raising awareness among the youth.

Creating spaces of dialogue

These activities aim to inform the youth about the issue of the missing and increase their understanding of the consequences of political violence. Exhibitions, screenings, inter-generational dialogue, and other activities are organized in secondary schools and universities with the support of the volunteers participating in Fushat ‘Amal.

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Debates & consultations

Fushat ‘Amal is a platform to launch debates on the challenges related to the issue of the missing, to hear the needs and expectations of families and engage them in the development of solutions and remedies.

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